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Thank you to Leafbusters for the excellent gutter guard protection system. The gutter guards look fantastic and they work great too! No more scaling the roof to clean out dirt/rubbish from my gutters!

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How a Gutter Guard Prevent Structural Damage

How a Gutter Guard Prevent Structural Damage

When you have a house built in line with all modern standards and with the use of the best materials, you can expect it to remain in excellent condition in the long term.

However, you should not forget that it is constantly exposed to the forces of nature which have an adverse effect on it. One of the best ways to protect the building from the elements is to install a gutter guard system. It has comprehensive action and offers a range of extra perks.

Gutter Guard: Complete Structural Protection

The working mechanism of this gutter protection system is very simple yet extremely effective. It is based on a mesh cover which is installed over the entire length and width of the gutter. When the roof is sloped, the mesh follows the angle of its slope.

As a result, only rainwater precipitates through the holes of the cover while leaves and other vegetation debris pieces stay out. The debris pieces simply fall down to the ground aided by gravity, by the wind and by the smooth slippery surface of the mesh cover.

With a gutter guard system in place, the risk of gutter overflowing is eliminated. Rainwater will not reach the roof timbers and cause damage and decay which may cost tens of thousands of dollars to deal with.

It will not get into the walls of the house and cause cracks. It will not cause deterioration of any insulation material placed between the exterior and interior walls. It will not increase the risk of mould growth which can damage paint, plaster and wallpapers.

You can rest assured that rainwater will not creep down to the foundation. That way, the entire structure of your house will remain strong. There will be no moisture to attract termites and no tiny cracks for them to get inside. You will save thousands of dollars that you would otherwise spend on damage repair and treatments.

Gutter Guard: Additional Benefits

The gutter mesh cover is a strong barrier preventing the entry of birds and possums into the house. That way, it provides protection from all types of damage which these pests can cause.

The droppings of birds are acidic so they can easily cause damage to the gutters, to roof tiles and to vehicles and equipment staying outside and to outdoor furniture. Possums can enter the attic and cause damage to all kinds of items left their by chewing through them and leaving their droppings everywhere. With just one solution, you protect many different assets which you have.

Lower the risk of structural damage to your house and other assets to the very possible minimum with the use of a gutter guard system.

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Gutter Guard for a Safe Home Environment

gutter-guardYou want your home to be cosy and safe.

One way to ensure this is through the installation of a gutter guard. The system's primary task is to prevent rainwater damage to the structural elements of the house.

However, it can do a lot more for keeping your loved ones safe and protected. Find out how it will work to give you the safety which you require.

Gutter Guard: Mould Prevention

The reality is that mould is not only ugly and hard to remove. It is actually a major allergen. It can cause allergies in people of all ages with children being more vulnerable. It can worsen serious conditions affecting the respiratory like asthma and bronchitis. With the use of a gutter protection system the risk of mould formation will be lowered considerably.

When the gutter guard is installed, it prevents gutter blockage by keeping leaves out while letting rainwater in. That way, there is no rainwater overflowing. The rainwater can never spill over to the roof structures and find its way down to the foundation. The walls of your home will remain perfectly dry so mould will not grow on them.

A home without mould is safer and much easier to maintain as well. You will not spend hundreds of dollars on mould removal treatments which may turn out to be ineffective. You will not have to repaint the walls or change the wallpapers frequently.

Gutter Guard: Eliminating Pest Threats

One of the best things about the gutter mesh cover is that it acts as a strong barrier against the entry of birds and possums. These pests are not only annoying. They actually carry different viruses, bacteria and parasites like lice which can be easily spread within your home especially if you have small kids and/or pets that play around all day long.

The gutter cover does an excellent job in keeping these disease-spreading animals away from your home. You can have peace of mind that your loved ones will be protected from them without the use of inhumane or chemical-based protection systems. You will not have to worry about disinfecting the attic and the outdoor furniture on a regular basis.

Overall, the gutter guard gives you a much safer home in more ways than one. It does this in a completely safe as well as effective manner. Given that the protection system has excellent durability, you will enjoy perfect safety for decades to come. These factors make the investment in this system worthwhile in every respect.

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Getting the Best Gutter Protection System

gutter-protectionHow do you choose the right gutter protection system for your home?

You have to ensure that it will work perfectly at all times to prevent rainwater damage.

It must be durable enough to last for a long time to come. It is easy to get all this and more.

Gutter Protection: Effective Performance

The protection system from Leafbusters uses durable mesh cover to prevent the clogging of your roof gutters. This cover is installed so that it extends from the roof to the outer lip of the gutter.

That way, it forms a strong and reliable barrier. It prevents the entry of leaves, twigs and the fruits of trees into the gutter. The tiny holes of the mesh let only tiny seeds and pollen in, but these cannot clog the gutter or get stuck into the holes of the mesh.

You can be certain that the gutter protection system will allow for maximum precipitation of the rainwater falling on the roof. The gutter system will operate at its maximum capacity at all times. No rainwater will creep down to the roof timbers and to the walls and ceilings of the house.

The best thing about this gutter guard system is that it is self-cleaning when installed on a sloped roof. It has the same slope as the roof or a similar one. In any case, it is slanted. That way, any leaves and other debris pieces that get on top of it will be blown down to the ground by the wind. Gravity will help greatly for their removal as well.

The self-cleaning mechanism eliminates the need for gutter cleaning. You will save time and effort. You will not risk climbing up a ladder and getting injured. Generally, the gutter system will require much less maintenance and will last up to three times longer.

Gutter Protection: Perfectly Weatherproof

The best thing about the gutter guard system is that it is perfectly resistant to the harmful effects of the elements. It is made from tough plastic and has UV stabilizer. Rainwater and melting snow will not have any impact on it. The same is true for the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

The gutter cover is highly resistant to impact thanks to its natural strength and the professional installation offered by the provider. It will not sink into the gutter or break if a heavy tree branch falls on it or if ice accumulates on top of it.

It pays off to have the highest possible level of gutter protection for your home. To learn more, or to get your free, no obligation quote, contact us at Leafbusters today.

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Importance of Gutter Guards for Families with Children

gutter-guardsYou are certainly familiar with the benefits of gutter guards for the house.

They prevent structural damage by eliminating the risk of rainwater flowing out of the gutters into the roof. They can help you save tens of thousands of dollars in the long term.

But did you know that they can bring great personal benefits to your kids and to everyone who lives in the house? Find out what these are.

Gutter Guards: No Mould

When these protective systems stop the overflowing of the gutters they help to prevent the growth of mould inside the house. If the gutters are clogged and the rainwater gets into the roof, it can easily creep downwards to the walls and ceilings.

It is extremely hard to notice until you begin to see green, yellow, grey, brown and black spots on these structures of the house. The risk of this happening with the use of gutter protection is much lower.

The gutter guards save you the hassle of removing the mould growth which requires regular chemical treatment. More importantly, they protect your loved ones from exposure to this dangerous fungus. The reality is that mould is an extremely potent allergen.

It can easily cause an allergy, especially in small children whose immune system is not as developed as that of adults. It can also make respiratory conditions worse. This is especially true for asthma and pneumonia.

You would certainly want your children to sleep and play in a perfectly protected environment. The gutter protection systems will help you with this. They are highly effective and highly durable as well. In fact, they have a useful life of 25 years.

Gutter Guards: No Pests

The gutter covers work to prevent not only the entry of leaves and other vegetation debris into the gutter. They actually keep birds and possums away too. The covers have a smooth surface so it is easy for these culprits to walk on them. The animals cannot chew through the covers or tear them either.

With birds and possums staying away from your home, you will have one less health threat to worry about. These animals spread dangerous parasites like lice which can be easily spread in house where children play literally everywhere.

Household pets help for their spreading too. In some cases, birds and possums can spread dangerous bacteria and viruses as well. They do not have to have direct contact with your kids to do this. For instance, if there are bird droppings on the swing which your children use, a disease can be spread extremely quickly.

For all these reasons, the protection which your family and your children, in particular, will get with gutter guards is extremely important.

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Gutter Guard for a Safe Home Environment

How a Gutter Guard Makes Your House More Energy Efficient

gutter-guardThe importance of saving energy and water has grown dramatically in recent years.

You can get another step closer to green living with the use of a gutter guard. This system designed for gutter protection works excellently to help you save on utilities and make your contribution to the preservation of the natural environment in New Zealand.

Gutter Guard: Structure Protection

The main job of the leaf guard is to prevent the clogging of the gutter. It uses a mesh cover which goes over the gutter and prevents leaves from getting inside. What's more, the cover is installed at an angle so the leaves which fall on it simply roll down to the ground forced by gravity and by the wind. This eliminates the risk of gutter overflowing.

With a gutter guard in place, rainwater will never enter your roof and creep downward to damage timber structures, walls and insulation. This means that your house will retain its level of roof and walls insulation for many years to come.

That way, you will be able to enjoy a high level of energy efficiency in the long term as well as in the short one. This will generate great savings and help for the preservation of the natural resources and the natural environment of New Zealand.

The protection which you will get with the leaf guard system is reliable and long-lasting. You can be certain that any water collected in the gutter will not overflow and cause damage to the insulation. The reality is that such damage can occur without you finding out at all. It may take years before you discover that the insulation is not performing as well as before.

By this time, you may have lost thousands of dollars. What's more, the damaged insulation may be extremely expensive or impossible to repair and to replace.

Gutter Guard: Effective Rain Harvesting

The leaf guard guarantees that the gutter system of your house will work at its full capacity at all times. This will give you the opportunity to collect large amounts of rainwater and to use them in your household. If you use only rainwater for watering the garden, flushing the toilet and washing your car, you can cut your household's mains water consumption by over 50%.

This will not only save you a good amount of money every month. You will actually reduce the amount of energy which the mains water system requires to deliver water to your home. This may not generate direct monetary savings for you, but you will help to make New Zealand an even greener place.

You should definitely use a gutter guard for achieving higher energy efficiency. For further information, contact us at Leafbusters today.


Gutter Guards - A Valuable Investment for Every Home

gutter-guardsEvery homeowner can select from a wide variety of improvements for their house.

Gutter guards are among the best options. They have comprehensive action and can pay themselves off extremely quickly.

They will continue to pay off as an investment for decades to come. You will benefit from them financially and not only.

Gutter Guards: Structural Damage Prevention

The job of the gutter covers is to prevent the clogging of the gutters with leaves and other vegetation debris. The mesh covers do not let these culprits in but allow a high level of precipitation through their holes. The covers are installed so that they are sloped. As a result, all vegetation debris pieces that fall on top of them are forced down to the ground by gravity and by the wind.

These systems not only allow the gutters to operate at their optimal capacity, but eliminate the need for cleaning. As the clogging is effectively prevented, the risk of gutter damage is much lower. This helps to make the useful life of gutters 2 to 3 times longer.

By preventing rainwater from getting into the roof timbers and the other structures of the house including the walls and foundations, the gutter guards eliminate the risk of structural rainwater damage. When timbers are frequently exposed to water, they will decay and will eventually require replacement, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Similarly, insulation which has been damaged by water can cost a small fortune to replace

Given that the gutter covers are weatherproof and resistant to impact, they will work to prevent structural damage for many years to come. You will generate great savings on gutter maintenance and repairs and on structural repairs as well.

Gutter Guards: Better Home Environment

Another factor which makes the investment in gutter covers extremely valuable is the fact that they make the house a much safer and cosier place to live in. The insulation of your home will retain its structure and properties in the long term. It will help to keep the optimal temperature inside and will keep your energy bills low.

The gutter protection systems help to prevent mould growth. You will never have to worry that this powerful allergen can cause allergies to your loved ones. Similarly, as birds and possums will be kept away, your family will not be exposed to the parasites and viruses and bacteria which they spread.

The gutter guards are systems with comprehensive action. They require a fairly small investment and bring huge returns over time. They are definitely worth it.

For further information, or to get your free, no obligation quote, contact us at Leafbusters today.

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How a Gutter Guard Makes Your House More Energy Efficient

Gutter Guard for Effective Pest Protection

gutter-guardThe truth is that pests can cause much more damage to a house than most people think.

This is because they act quickly and are hard to get rid of. One of the best ways to protect your home from pests is to install a gutter guard.

This gutter protection system has comprehensive and reliable action. It works perfectly to protect your home and the people that you love.

Gutter Guard against Birds and Possums

The gutter protection system uses a mesh cover which extends from the roof to the outer lip of the gutter. That way, it forms a strong barrier which prevents the entry of birds and possums. The mesh is extremely strong. The animals will not be able to chew through it or tear it with their claws no matter how much they try. Your gutter will be clean so there will be no insects attracting the birds. Similarly, birds will not nest inside and their eggs will not attract possums.

As you can see, the gutter guard gives you a high level of protection against some of the most annoying pests in New Zealand. Birds and possums are quite loud and can disturb the peace and quiet of your home greatly.

What's more, they carry parasites and disease which are easily spread especially to house pests and small kids. The acidic droppings of birds can cause quite a lot of damage to exterior metal, plastic and stone structures and can contaminate food and water left outside. It is certainly valuable to get reliable protection from all this with just a single solution.

Gutter Guard against Ants and Termites

While ants are fairly common in many parts of New Zealand, termites are more rarely found. However, there are indications that Australian termites have spread to the country in recent years. The good news is that the gutter leaf guard system can provide reliable protection against these pests as well.

By preventing gutter overflowing, the system prevents rainwater from going down the walls and foundations of the house and creating tiny cracks into them. Similarly, it lowers the risk of moisture accumulation in the foundations. The lack of moisture makes the building less attractive to ants and termites while the lack of cracks makes the infestation much more challenging. It is great to have two-fold protection against these pests.

For a safer home, invest in a gutter guard system. It will work effectively and reliably for many years to come. It will create a cosy living environment for your family and boost the value of your property.

Talk to us at Leafbusters today for further information.

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Gutter Guards - A Valuable Investment for Every Home

Leaf Guard to Make Life Easy

leaf-guardA leaf guard is the perfect way to protect the ceiling, walls and foundation of a house. Otherwise, it is necessary to clean gutter system to make sure that there is free flow of water after a heavy rain or during a downpour of water.

A gutter cover is important for ensuring the complete safety of the house structure. The presence of leaves in the gutter makes water difficult to move away from the house and from the rooftop.

Over a period of time, water starts collecting in the gutter and leaks from the sides of the gutter system and onto the ceilings and walls of the house.

Investing in a Leaf Guard

Most people invest a lot of money in the maintenance of their house. It is equally important to ensure that the property is protected from unwanted damages. Any damage to the property leads to a huge investment in repair. By opting for a perfect leaf guard, there is the possibility to reduce the time and money spent on the maintenance of gutter to the possible minimum.

The reason behind this is the fact that the guard acts as a barrier for the leaves. They cannot enter the gutter system and accumulate over a period of time. This ensures that the flow of water moves freely into the gutter system and away from the rooftop.

A leaf guard is a perfect addition to the rooftop of every residential unit and commercial unit. It is important to select the best guard that perfectly matches the specifications of the existing gutter system of the house. This ensures that there are no leakages due to improper installation.

A perfect fit of the guard will not allow the leaves to enter the gutter system. Another important aspect that one should note here is that the guard's surface is smooth. The smooth surface of the guard helps the leaves to rolls down to the ground as they fall on the rooftop.

Leaf Guard Maintenance

This is fantastic, as a house owner no longer needs to provide frequent maintenance to their gutter system. There are reports of accidents due to the maintenance of the system. A gutter system sits at a great height and any individual has to use a ladder to reach such heights. Improper grip and not using safety equipment further increases the risk of an accident.

Installing a leaf guard is the perfect solution available for every house owner. It will work to prevent all such incidents and at the same time protect their property. Speaking with a consultant is helpful for obtaining a quote on the installation of the system and for learning about its functionality over the years.

To learn more, talk to us at Leafbusters today.

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Gutter Guard for Effective Pest Protection

Gutter Guard Systems for Effective Bird Proofing

gutter-guardThe main purpose of gutter guard systems is to prevent gutter blockage and consequently rainwater damage.

In addition to this, they also offer dependable bird proofing. Their double action guarantees their efficiency. Their make guarantees their performance in the long term.

Gutter Guard: Double Action for Bird Control

When gutter guard covers are placed over the gutter, they act as a barrier preventing birds from entering the gutters and from there the attic of your house. The covers extend from the roof to the outer edge of the gutters.

They go over the drain channel perfectly. There is not a slot which birds can get through. The covers are firmly attached so they will not give in to pushing either.

The gutter protector covers work to prevent your gutters from becoming a place where birds can find food. When the drain channels of a house are left without protection, the leaves collected inside start decaying and pools of stagnant water form on top of this vegetation mass.

That way, the gutters become the ideal breeding ground for insects and their larvae which are a favourite food of many birds. When there is no food to attract birds to your roof, your home and your family will be better protected from these pests.

As you can see, gutter guard systems work in two ways to keep birds away from your property. In general, they are installed so that they follow the slope of the roof and so that their surface is fairly smooth and slippery. This makes them even less attractive for birds.

You can expect to get well-rounded protection from all of the common pest birds in New Zealand. These include the feral pigeon, which is known for causing serious problems in urban areas, the house sparrow and the starling.

Gutter Guard: Reliable Bird Protection

The gutter mesh covers are strong and weather resistant. They are made to withstand high impact. Birds cannot chew through them or tear them with their claws. The mesh covers are made from polyethylene and have UV stabilizer. This means that they cannot get damaged by rainwater and by the ultraviolet radiation of the sun.

Once installed, the protection system will not require any maintenance on your part. It will continue to work effectively for many years. In fact, the latest gutter mesh product from Leafbusters has a useful life of 25 years.

You will enjoy reliable bird proofing in the long term provided by the gutter guard system of your home. Your home and family will be perfectly safe.

To learn more, contact us at Leafbusters today.

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Leaf Guard to Make Life Easy

Getting Gutter Guards Professionally Installed

gutter-guardsMany believe that installing gutter guards is a very easy process. However, this is not the case in reality.

The process is quite complicated and requires a lot of time as well. Added to this there is the issue of quality.

It is important the quality of the gutter guard is high. A low quality product is going to end up causing a lot of trouble for you in the long run. So if you are offered low quality at low price, the suggestion is that you don’t opt for it.

Choosing a Reputable Gutter Guards Provider

As stated this is a long procedure that is going to require your attention just like when you are working on any other part of your house or office building. One way in which you can lessen your troubles is by making sure that you hire a company that is committed to providing the right quality product and service to the customer when it comes to gutter protection.

Here are some of the steps to consider. If the company is taking them when working on your installation of gutter guards, then this means that they are true to their stance of quality for both the products and the services that they provide.

The entire thing is going to start with you getting a quote after getting in touch with one of the representatives of the selected company. You will be given the basics of how the company goes about its quotes. After this, with your permission a team of gutter guards experts is going to come and inspect the area where the system will be installed. The exact quotes are going to be finalized after the area has been seen and the level of work has been decided upon.

Gutter Guards Installation

The actual gutter guards installation starts after that. A second team comes in to do the manual work. How long the entire process is going to take mainly depends on the area that needs to be covered. No matter how large the area is, the real thing is that during this process, the customer service needs to be of an exceptional quality.

This factor alone is going to make the difference. It is important that you have trust in the brand name that a company claims it stands for. If this part is handled right, then the rest of the process is going to go quite smoothly. You can be certain that you will have perfect gutter guards protection even in the long run.

For further information, contact us at Leafbusters today.

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Gutter Guard Systems for Effective Bird Proofing