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Thank you to Leafbusters for the excellent gutter guard protection system. The gutter guards look fantastic and they work great too! No more scaling the roof to clean out dirt/rubbish from my gutters!

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Gutter Guard FAQs

1. Once the system is installed, how does it work?

The sludge and mud that build up is decomposed leaf and tree debris, air borne dust and water. Tree leaves and material break down like to become a compost-like material. It looks like mud.

Once the Leafbusters system is installed, the leaves and other debris slip off the roof, only fine dust or pollen can get through. Because the gutter is clear, no leaves or gum nuts in there, once it rains, the dust is flushed down the downpipe.

This means your gutters are clean at all times. The Leafbusters gutter guard system actually stops the mud from building up in the first instance.

2. Why are the gutter guards made from plastic and not metal?

Plastic is inert which means it doesn't rust or decompose or corrode. Metal products are corroded through the process of electrolysis when installed on dissimilar metals. Electrolysis is an electrical charge when water (or rain) hits the two metals. One of the metals will be the sacrificial anode. In other words, one of the metals will cause the other to rust if it is steel. If it is aluminium it will corrode.

Plastic is best.

Another big difference is that metal is hard to shape well into curves and spaces on the roof. Metal guards can be rough on the top. This can interfere with the efficient channelling of water into the gutters.

Our Leafbusters 2G Ultratech gutter mesh gutter guards are highly UV stablised polyethylene mesh. It has a smooth top, which means that debris slides off easily and water can flow into gutters easily and not overflow. In fact the water is clean and potable (for drinking or other uses).

This sliding off feature is an important one. Difficult vegetation such as pohutukawa leaves, pine needles or gum nuts can cause a problem with some metal gutter guards which will require uninstalling the gutter guard to clean them. A very costly and messy job!

Our gutter mesh is different and will solve this problem. Leafbusters gutter guards are the only proven maintenance-free system available anywhere in the world – let alone NZ.

3. What is the per metre price of gutter guards?

Leafbusters is not like other gutter protection products. It is a fully customised system that will be tailored to each individual roof and situation.

Other competitor products are simply “band aid” solutions in our opinion. They may work initially, but may fail in the long run because of poor design and quality.

The best way to learn about pricing is to request a free quotation from us. Our people will scope out the roof properly and give free advice. In fact, we will not install the gutter guard system to your roof unless we can guarantee that it will add value to your home and will work effectively and as we promise.

We have a 20 year unconditional guarantee for all the meshes we install. The type of gutter mesh we use will depend on the application and your budget.

We also have a one year money back satisfaction guarantee that it works. Leafbusters is market leader in the gutter guard protection field. As the original inventors and innovators of the gutter guard industry, we back our work – and our product.

In our history we have had a 100% success rate in all our gutter guard installations. If we promise it, we’ll do it.

4. Pest & Bird problems solved with gutter guards

Leafbusters has a 100% success rate in stopping pests like possums, rats and birds from entering your roof space with gutter guards installed.

Pests can enter from the gutter and under the roof and make their home in the roof spaces. The gutter guard system is installed to the outside edge of the gutter and onto the roof which not only allows leaves and other debris to slide off, but also to block entry of pests. You get pest protection and gutter protection – from the same product.

Birds and pests can cause problems in your roof space. Not only can the noise be stressful (especially at night) some pests can carry parasites such as lice. Birds will lay eggs which are attractive to rats which will visit the roof space to eat these eggs.

The implications of the rats and birds scurrying around the roof with electrical wiring, is a danger that could cause a roof fire.

Often with a roof fire, it goes unnoticed until it is too late to save the house. Tragically people can die.

The solution? The Leafbusters gutter protection system.

5. Gutter guards for flat roofs vs pitched roofs

The Leafbusters system works very well on roofs that are pitched. The debris and leaf material simply slides off onto the ground. When it comes to roofs with a flat pitch, there is less gradient and gravity doesn’t affect leaves and debris as much. Having said that, flat roofs are notorious for causing internal flooding. The Leafbusters gutter guard system fixes that problem with a 100% rate of success. With our system installed the gutters can now flow with full capacity and you can eliminate potential flooding events.

The cleaning of flat roof gutters is also eliminated saving risk from falling and cutting injuries caused by roof edges.

The Leafbusters gutter guards system applied to a flat roof will significantly save on maintenance. All you need to do is sweep or blow the debris away a few times per year.


A Gutter Guard is a Wise Investment for Homeowners