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Thank you to Leafbusters for the excellent gutter guard protection system. The gutter guards look fantastic and they work great too! No more scaling the roof to clean out dirt/rubbish from my gutters!

Christine - Auckland
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Reasons to Use the Leafbusters™ Gutter Protection System

Thea GroomThank you for learning about Leafbusters – the first home of gutter protection in New Zealand and Australia.

If you are considering investing in a gutter guard system from an established gutter protection, then a go ahead and request a free quote from us. Why? Because our solution is the start of stress-free living!

Hello, I am Thea Groom - CEO and Founder of Leafbusters Australia and New Zealand. When we chat to home-owners about gutter guards, we try to make these three points:

  1. The Leafbusters gutter protection system is guaranteed unconditionally to what it’s supposed to do!
  2. That we are trustworthy because we actually started the gutter guard industry in Australia and in fact now have thousands of satisfied customers (and can prove it)
  3. You can trust us. We are fanatical about giving great value which comes from our commitment for doing quality work with a focus on great customer service and quality products.

As a matter of fact, we have developed our processes and service to give you results that will save you time, worry and money.

Our Gutter Protection & Gutter Guard Promise

OK, I acknowledge that what I have just said will sound similar to what you may have heard from other gutter protection companies in NZ! That’s why (thankfully) you do’nt have to take my word for it.

To see for yourself, take a look at some real stories and testimonials that we have been sent from satisfied property owners just like you – from all over New Zealand and Australia.

Looking for all-round great value? Try us. We sincerely feel that the more you find out about our quality gutter guard product, our track record and our guarantee, you will start to understand why we honestly reckon that we can provide the best over-all value in New Zealand today when it comes to gutter guard protection.

Gutter Guards Innovation

Did you know that Leafbusters was the first company to invent and develop gutter guard meshes for use in gutter protection applications? It’s true. We were also the first to develop the methodologies and quality systems for varying roofs that are now industry standard.

For you this means better value, but also peace of mind.
Leafbusters are in a different league when it comes to gutter protection because we have developed new and more advanced gutter guard products that we can now offer as fully tailored, maintenance-free systems direct to you.

Essentially, this results in less overall cost, less stress…and more time to do the things you want to do – instead of having to clean gutters.

How can we help you? Let us prove to you now that the combination of our gutter guard systems, people and innovation really do work. Go go ahead and request a free quote now.

Our promise to you? Here’s what we promise... A complete gutter guard and gutter protection solution that actually works – combined with friendly and prompt service…or your money back!

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