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Thank you to Leafbusters for the excellent gutter guard protection system. The gutter guards look fantastic and they work great too! No more scaling the roof to clean out dirt/rubbish from my gutters!

Christine - Auckland
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"We were enormously impressed with the installation of our Leafbusters gutter guard protection system. The installer was exceptionally professional, courteous, and meticulous. He also finished the job on time to a very high standard."


"I am delighted with the Leafbusters team and solution provided for gutters on my home. Ever since they have been installed the gutters require minimal to no maintenance and they also look very neat. I am more than happy to recommend your gutter guard product to others and am seriously considering installation for other properties in the near future."


"I simply cannot recommend them highly enough. When I had a disaster with my roof, Leafbusters came to the rescue within one hour of my urgent telephone call. Post a full explanation of my options, I now have a gutter guard protection system I can trust."


"Being surrounded by trees my gutters were constantly being blocked. As a consequence I was continually having to clear them out. Then I had Leafbusters install a gutter guard protection system. Ever since I can honestly say I haven't had to clear my gutters once! and they are still clean and free-flowing!"


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